Coaching update 2014/15

So I’ve decided while I’m making my way through my coaching journey I should make the effort to share it with you. Whether that’s one of you or 10 of you or more, I think the very concept of sharing my thoughts, ideas, planning and evaluation of sessions and matches will be an effective way of obviously recording what I’m doing but hopefully help continuously improve my processes. The bonus of course is if I can use this blog as an interactive, sharing tool to create debate and conversation and make meaningful connections with like minded coaches who care about the intricacies of the process!

In the coming days I’ll blog about where I’ve been, what I’ve been doing, for what reasons and how I’ve been doing it. I’ve started this season with involvement with three teams (two managing, one assisting-observing) across three different age groups so there’s a lot of factors that are I’m having to constantly consider and think deeply about. I’m into fixture five with my two teams I’m managing and week three with the other team, so a lot has happened in that time.

Looks like I’ve got a lot of sharing to do!

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