So as I look to expand in the coming months, I wanted to open up the blog and begin branching out to share stories and view points from others in the game. Though the idea behind the coaching diaries will remain focused around the art of coaching, it is important to understand that coaching relates to so many more people other than the coaches. Of course at the center of it all is the players. Here then, is the first piece in hopefully many of one of those such people who I felt was always very thoughtful and reflective about their game. Proudly introducing you to GPS-NY GU16 midfielder, Isabella Bogucki.

(Photo: Melanie Pyne – IG: melanie_pyne10)

Chemistry- the emotional or psychological interaction between people. The idea of chemistry is vital to creating a strong team environment and performance. Most people would think soccer is all about individual skill and what a single player can do. I’ve experienced this idea for many years ever since I played house league. It was never about the team working together, it was about the best player being highlighted and the team revolving around that one or two player(s). I had always liked to be the one who scored all the goals and was the fastest. I never really knew what it was like to play with the whole team.

As I got older I moved up in the level I played at. I went from a travel league to a premier league. I was so used to being surrounded with no fluency in the style of game and lower level of skill, that the new environment was weird for me. U13 was an interesting year. I had finally played with people who worked for the team and not for themselves. I quickly adjusted and loved the new environment. The chemistry between us girls grew over 3 years as girls left and new talent was introduced to us. Playing with fluency and harmony between you and your teammates is the best attribute a team can have. Without it, everybody is out of sync and not working together to their full potential. When you stop working for just yourself, you open up so many doors that were slammed shut before. I’m lucky to say that I’ve played with some of my best friends and it has been the best time of my life. It’s really an awesome experience.

I’m very confident about playing U16 this year. At this age it is so important to be friends with your teammates because that is the seed for good chemistry. I can definitely vouch for this because for many years I played with my best friend. We were the best on our travel team, they called us the dynamic duo. We moved to the same premier team and still worked so well together. Unfortunately, I will not be playing with her this year. But I have grown close with many of my teammates and hope to grow with them and the new girls on the team.

Having a good relationship with your teammate can really benefit performances on the field. You end up being more comfortable and confident with the people you’re playing with. You’re proud to be setting your friend up for a goal, you’re excited to step onto the field with your friends to your left and right. It’s truly an amazing thing to be close with your teammates. Things start to go south when someone on the team is not liked. This is also something I experienced, as people don’t play well with this specific person because of their feelings toward them.

If I could give one piece of advice for this specific person or to the people that don’t like him/her, it would be you give respect:you get respect. I never had a problem with anyone because they were all my teammates and I did my best to be friends with everyone.  It makes life a lot easier when everyone is equally liked and respected.


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