So, more than 24 hours have now passed since ‘Big Sam’ Allardyce left his dream job as the England National team manager. His reign lasted just 67 days.

For those unfamiliar with the reasons for this record time departure can be found here.

But after some reflection, I was able to see some lessons in Sam’s rise and fall that we can all take from;

Dreams take decades to accomplish and seconds to disintegrate

There can be no mistaking that this was the pinnacle for Allardyce. He set off on his career climb with this role at the summit of the mountain. From Notts County through to Newcastle United, Sam experienced varying levels of success carefully carving out a very impressive reputation for his distinct football style and its’ effectiveness as well as his brash and endearing personality. However, no matter how long the dream takes to be realized, and the goodwill we receive along the way we must be mindful that our position can be taken away at a moment’s notice. Your past will not count in your favour if your words and actions demand repercussions.

As we rise up our mindsets need to rise too

The bigger of the job, the bigger the required mindset. Small thinking, scarcity thinking as Sam unfortunately demonstrated, is not aligned with the required thinking for a man in his position. This scarcity mindset, the attraction to more from a place of greed, is something that we must dismantle and replace if we are to take up and prosper in the roles of our dreams. As we climb higher, if our mindset doesn’t go higher too, it will sabotage us and bring us down. Because it is our life philosophy cannot hide as much as we may attempt to try. Above all else, our attitude determines altitude.

The higher the position the greater the responsibility

Think of who you represent. Taking up any position in your career as a manager or captain or even in life as a mother or father, you end up with increasing responsibilities and accountability. Furthermore, the consequences of your words and actions are not just tied to you personally, they represent those people that put you in this position in the first place. If you are a manager or coach you represent your club director, if you are the team captain you represent your coach and your teammates and the most important job there is, if you are a mother or father, you represent your spouse and children. The words and actions must be of a nature that those you represent can be proud of.

Do not just stop going after goals

I do not know Sam but I do know his dream was the job he just left. But the question that comes to my mind is, did he make his position untenable as he stopped dreaming?

We all have an innate desire to grow. It is human nature. Some tap into it better than others. The destination for our growth is seen in our goals. However what happens once we reach our goals? Many of us simply stop. We have ‘reached our destination.’ But this is a slippery mindset to have. Of course it is important to savour major achievements but if we stop progressing and striving towards something, we end up decrease our fulfillment and in time regressing.

There are only two states. Growth or decay.

The striving towards goals will ensure that there is only growth in our future and decay is kept to a minimum. Investing and going after our goals constantly, will encourage the required big thinking to achieve the goals and kill that scarcity mindset that could sabotage us.

What lessons have you learnt from Big Sam’s departure and how will it, if at all, change how you think and act?

Leave a comment below and as always, thanks for reading.

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