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The premise behind The Coaching Diaries is simple. We want to become the no.1 go to source for coaches, players and parents when it comes to striving to be their best version throughout their sporting journey.

In order to reach this lofty goal we will be focusing on sharing stories and highlighting best practices from excellent people in the game whether coaches, parents or players.

We believe there are lessons to be learnt from everyone and everywhere and by sharing we hope to inspire, motivate and ultimately add value in some way to you the reader to perhaps shape your current practices.

2017-18 is going to be a significant season for myself and The website.

You can look forward to a new session planner e-book series, a collection of education e-books, a youtube channel launch, a book club and interview series among many other features.

The goal to be one of the leaders in coach education is big and requires a lot of energy and time and care to be invested consistently. But we believe that big goals cause us to stretch and grow and in the process we all become far more than what we were just by attempting to walk towards such goals.

We sincerely hope you’ll join us on our journey!

Coach UK,
August 2017



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