The Project

Whether you’re on the parent side of the fence or the coaching one, the importance of a common goal and understanding in order to help our young athletes realize their best potential is not only essential it is a priority.

After reading through countless studies, watching and conducting our own interviews with experts, attending numerous events and seminars and studying various case studies from across the world of youth sport over the last year and beyond, we have noticed some clear patterns emerging when it comes to the parent-player-coach relationship triad.

Adding this to our own experiences and beliefs, the seeds were planted for us to provide a possible blueprint for sporting adults across the world that can be utilized by any coach at any level.

‘The Coaching Blueprint’ will be the culmination of our early first few years work and we are proud to be producing a digital and interactive book that will educate, inform and entertain but ultimately with the aim of making us question our existing coaching cultures and

The production of the project is underway and such a large objective such as what we have requires a large labour of love. Stay tuned with us across social media and follow the project’s journey as we post previews and sneak peeks over 2017.